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Words From The CEO

Today, international trade exhibitions have an important role in politics, economics, and social, cultural and artistic affairs of nations. All countries have an important and multi-faceted agenda for exhibitions. They regularly and continuously focus on global exhibitions and try to investment in them. It is because holding trade exhibitions is a means of achieving export development goals, and thus the role of marketing activities is extremely important. By observing the principles of marketing, knowing markets and planning accurately, exhibitions can effectively help the promotion of international trade through their active and extensive presence in the field. Therefore, in pursuit of its long-term goal, the Kurdistan International Exhibitions Company seeks to ensure that the economic actors of the country fully utilize the pristine and trustworthy market of Iraqi Kurdistan due to the long common border between Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan, common cultural and ethnic grounds, and the presence of a transit route to northern Iraq from Iranian Kurdistan. The Exhibition, thus, has a privileged position in developing trade relations with Iraq, and the upward trend in exports of goods and services is indicative of this issue.

Objectives Of The Company

  1. Investment growth in various production and service sectors including agriculture, industry and mining, and familiarity with the products of domestic and foreign production units
  2. Providing the grounds needed for consumer access to high quality, affordable goods
  3. Providing the grounds for free and fair competition
  4. Establishment or construction of special facilities in Kurdistan and abroad to organize exhibitions for introducing industrial, commercial, agricultural and mineral products from Iran and abroad
  5. Providing commercial services including research, marketing, export, import, and transportation